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Woven Interiors Collection

Margin is a collection of upholstery fabric, window treatments and room dividers for a modern style home or office space. These designs encapsulate the modern features and abstract shapes and shadows I find in architecture. 

My designs are made out of organic cotton, bamboo and linen. To achieve sustainable and cruelty free window treatments I have only used plant based fibres. I have also tried different natural dyeing techniques. 

I titled my project Margin as it sums up the linear qualities within my pieces and it also represents the techniques used of extra warp and weft. On my large piece, I have a long black line running down through it that is similar in composition to a margin on a sheet of paper. I also have used an extra warp technique which means I have a second set of threads that I can bring in and out whenever I please. These threads are spaced out and inspired by lines within my work, from my photography, drawings to lined pieces of paper.

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